By on 03/09/2015

The floor covering you use in your space will say a lot about the business you are running. Whether you have an office building, a retail space or even warehouse space, the flooring you choose will change the color, character and impression your space gives to your employees, renters and customers. Whether you are recovering an existing floor, or about to finish your new construction you should choose your wood flooring carefully.

There are multiple factors to consider when you are choosing your commercial flooring. However, there are 3 main factors that will lead you to the best flooring option for your space.

1.) Traffic
The amount of traffic your floor will see has a significant impact on the materials available to you. If you expect a small amount of foot traffic, such as in an office building with 50 or less employees you can consider some warmer but less durable options. Things like commercial carpeting and commercial hardwood flooring can be great options. These will give your office are more comfortable feel and keep it from feeling like a warehouse. If you have a higher traffic space like a high occupancy office or areas where carts or deliveries are regular you should consider using a harder flooring surface to decrease wear. Things like ceramic tile and vinyl can be great options for these types of areas. You may even consider using glass block flooring. It adds a touch of elegance while still being incredibly wear resistant.

2.) Appearance
The necessary appearance of your space is also a big factor when choosing commercial flooring. As we previously mentioned, creating a comfortable office could include using residential style materials. They keep your space warm and inviting. If you have a retail space, you also need to consider the effort it will take to clean your space to keep it looking its best. Hard floor coverings like hardwood or vinyl may be the best option for these types of spaces as they are durable and easy to keep looking great. If you have a large retail space and want to keep costs down and have a modern appearance you may even consider concrete flooring with a high polish and sealer. You may be surprised how attractive hard flooring surfaces like vinyl and concrete can be when properly installed and finished.

3.) Budget
With every project, the budget is always going to be a limiting factor. If you’re looking to get the most out of each dollar you invest in your new project call Carolina Services Inc. Carolina Services can help you fit your desires into your budget and help you all the way from dreaming, to planning, to construction and finishing. With so many different flooring options available, you may need help sorting through all the options. If you’re trying to keep things as cheap as possible you may consider refinishing your current floors or using concrete or vinyl. If you are looking for a more professional look you may consider ceramic tile flooring. You should also look into the commercial carpeting and hardwood options. You may be surprised how inexpensive and durable they can be.

If you are ready to start your commercial flooring project in your office retail building contact Carolina Services Inc. today to get started on the right foot. Carolina Services Inc. has been installing commercial floors in the Charleston area since 1976 and we a long history pride in our work. We’re focused on helping our clients come in under budget and on time.